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The Changing Face of Comfort, Texas

In a bright room filled with local goods to buy and good things to eat, it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon at High’s Cafe & Store in the Hill Country town of Comfort. Even though most of the lunch crowd has left, a number of happy locals and visitors still linger, enjoying cold Dublin, Texas-made colas, fresh salads and healthful sandwiches. Warm and inviting, like the community it calls home, High’s is just one must-make stop for those on a weekend road trip to this delightful small Texas town.

Comfort: Even the community’s name is inviting. Just 15 miles from Boerne, it is an enchanting place. Set amid the bucolic beauty of Kendall County, where I-10 and US Hwy 87 intersect, just 32 miles from La Cantera, Comfort is a close, friendly neighbor to the Alamo City. Although the town covers only about 3.5 square miles, its well preserved historic center along High Street, with attractive limestone buildings dating back to the 1850s, is packed with shops, restaurants, art galleries, taverns and more, making it seem like a sweet mini-Fredericksburg. High Street, between 7th and 8th Streets, is where you’ll find most of the downtown boutiques and restaurants, but beyond that strip there are more shops and businesses, as well as picturesque areas outside town, with creeks, riverbeds, ranches, parks, vineyards and more.

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