Tiffany Yeates: Getting People Hooked On the Outdoors

Tiffany Yeates Owner of Gruene Outfitters & The Pomegranate Getting People Hooked on the Outdoors By Jenny JuricaPhotography by Nina Padilla In 2000, when Tiffany Yeates, a college student at Texas State University, headed to historic, tourism driven Gruene, Texas...

When You’re Here, You’re Family

If you head north on 281, you’ll pass through several small, friendly Hill Country communities—first, Spring Branch, and then onto Blanco. Both communities are known for their stunning scenery and warm smiles. These three ladies make their homes and their businesses...

The Secret to Boerne’s Success in Challenging Times

Perseverance, Integrity, and Kindness: The Secret to Boerne’s Success in Challenging Times While the COVID-19 crisis has devastated many of our country’s small towns and communities, Boerne seems to be weathering the obstacles and managing to not only survive but,...


Whether it’s assisting customers in a whimsical boutique, meeting the needs of businesses and homeowners, or helping to heal the wounded, these three Hill Country women have each answered the call to service amid the unexpected twists and turns of their own lives....

All That Boerne Has to Offer

There is no denying that the conveniently accessible Hill Country spot of Boerne is quickly growing. The following establishments and the women behind them underscore that fact with what their businesses bring to the area and the vision they have for this not so...

Pursuing Passions and Sharing Them with Others

From library to home design and sales to dining, meet three ladies from Bulverde, Blanco and Spring Branch who are helping to make their communities wonderful places to live and visit. Beverlee Lemes, Mammen Family Public Library, Bulverde Your local library is not...

Shop Till You Drop

The small town offers no shortage of big opportunities for unique finds. These women take great care in providing just the right products and shopping experience to all who visit their stores.

Business in Boerne

Five Boerne women with unique talents share their passion for business and the place they call home

Passion, Paths and Choices

These women share their passions, the paths they’ve taken, and the choices they have made along the way to becoming successful; not only in their line of work but for the people they work for and alongside with, to make their Hill Country communities a great place to...

The Secret to their Success

For this group of women, that secret involves the success they wish to bestow on others.

Three New Braunfels Women

Three New Braunfels Women

A community is only as strong as those who are a part of it, who make efforts to put time and energy into helping it thrive.

Pursuing their passion in the Texas Hill Country

Pursuing their passion in the Texas Hill Country

Boerne & Comfort Passion, necessity and family served as the catalyst for the following group of women when setting out to build their businesses. Amber Haynes of McKenna Quinn shares her love for the sports of hunting and fishing through her...

New Braunfels & Gruene

New Braunfels & Gruene

The sleepy, relaxed area of New Braunfels and Gruene just up Interstate 35 is waking to a new time of growth and opportunity as many are discovering the advantages of Hill Country life. Our featured women from the area reflect major industry, tourist...

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